GE Power & Water at Power-Gen Europe 2013

About GE at POWER-GEN Europe
Vienna, Austria
June 4-6, 2013

With Europe facing increasingly diverse energy and environmental challenges, GE's Gas Engines business—headquartered in Jenbach, Austria—is meeting the growing demand for cleaner, more energy efficient and fuel-flexible distributed power solutions that offer industries and local municipalities greater energy security and more sustainable growth. The Gas Engines business is comprised of GE's Jenbacher and Waukesha gas engine product lines and Clean Cycle waste-heat recovery solutions. For more than a half century, GE's Austrian-based gas engine business has led in the development and production of fuel-flexible Jenbacher gas engines, packaged generator sets, and cogeneration units to enable the efficient generation of power and heat. GE's Jenbach manufacturing facility produces a growing lineup of Jenbacher gas engine models—including the first two-stage turbocharged gas engine (the 4.4-MW J624) and the industry's most efficient gas engine in the 10-MW-class (the J920 FleXtra). Known for their high efficiency and reliability, GE's Jenbacher gas engines operate on natural gas or a variety of specialty gases including digester biogas, landfill gas, coal gas, syngas and other combustible industrial waste gases.

J920 Flextra video

GE's Clean Cycle 125 kW heat-to-power generator technology converts industrial waste heat into reliable, base-load electricity and is supporting Europe's push for greater energy efficiency as a growing array of industries are seeking to reduce the amount of waste heat released into the atmosphere from boilers, generators, exhaust stacks, ovens and kilns. GE's Clean Cycle waste heat recovery conversion process generates no additional emissions and requires no additional fuel—just heat.

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