On-demand webinar

A Hydrogen Society: What it Takes

The 2015 Paris Agreement has a set goal of reaching net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050—so what are some of the plans today, and what are the different paths to get there?

You’re invited to join our panel discussion and Q&A session, featuring industry experts from GE and IHS Markit Energy Group, to find out. We’ll discuss the current and future state of hydrogen, and the implications it has for power and the economy.

  • DISCOVER what the future with hydrogen can look like by understanding its value chain and how its versatility allows it to play a role in all sectors of the economy.
  • LEARN about the economics and methods of hydrogen production, and the technology innovations that are required to safely implement it into society.
  • EXPLORE the policies, incentives, and initial costs that are required to make hydrogen a competitive and viable option to drive carbon-free power generation.

Meet the Speakers:

Jeff Goldmeer

Dr. Jeff Goldmeer
Director, Emergent Technologies, GE Vernova

Brian Gutknecht

Brian Gutknecht
Chief Marketing Officer, GE Vernova

Simon Blakey

Simon Blakey
Senior Advisor, S&P Global