On-Demand Webinar

Aeros vs. recips: Simplicity in motion

As a plant operator, you’re always looking for ways to improve your site, and know that higher efficiency leads to lower costs. But what can you do to achieve this? Aeroderivative gas turbines offer many advantages over a reciprocal engine such as reliability and savings instead of maintenance and downtime.

Please join this on-demand presentation and Q&A session with our GE experts, where you can:

  • LEARN more about aeroderivative gas turbines and how they provide a stable grid to help utilities solve the challenge of better integration of renewables.
  • DISCOVER the four pillars of power and the benefits of owning an aeroderivative turbine.
  • HEAR how aeroderivative gas turbines’ high availability rate eliminates the need for standby units, helping you get up and running quickly to stay on the grid, all while saving money.

Meet the Speakers:

Rachel Farr

Monamee Adhikari
Director, Aero Marketing
GE Gas Power

Billy Lutz

John Ingham
Aero Senior Product Manager
GE Gas Power