On-Demand Webinar

Carbon-free systems: Can we really rely on the weather?

The whole idea of “carbon-free” seems impossible when you realize that ~65% of our planet’s electricity comes from burning fossil fuels. However, there are examples around the world of regions integrating record levels of carbon-free wind and solar energy by utilizing numerous forms of flexibility in their system.

Join this on-demand session with experts from GE Energy Consulting and GE Gas Power as they share their experiences using a holistic systems approach with industry partners to enable new carbon reduction milestones. We’ll discuss the role of weather uncertainty, highlight new technologies like hydrogen, and discuss how fossil generation can actually help accelerate decarbonization.

  • LEARN about industry best practices with respect to planning for low carbon systems.
  • DISCOVER the benefit of a proactive diversity strategy when planning a future carbon-free generation mix.
  • UNCOVER the potential of new technologies like hydrogen in a carbon-free future.

Meet the Speakers:

 Sheila Manz

Sheila Manz, PhD
Technical Director, 100% Carbon-free Planning, GE Energy Consulting

Gene Hinkle

Gene Hinkle
Managing Director, Power Economics,
GE Energy Consulting

 Jeffrey Goldmeer, PhD

Jeffrey Goldmeer, PhD
Emergent Technologies Director - Decarbonization, GE Gas Power