Chemical Monitoring Solutions power
Chemical Monitoring Solutions Power

GE experts are able to fill all your industry needs in one place. We have a broad range of chemical, equipment and monitoring solutions to help you produce more power, more efficiently, with lower maintenance costs. Allow our experts to customize a complete package for you including:

  • Chemical applications to reduce slagging and fouling in coal-fired boilers
  • Coal-flow aids and dust-control solutions for coal-fired power plants
  • Chemical applications for blue plume and other emissions issues in oil-fired boilers
  • Liquid fuel additives for corrosion control in gas turbines
  • Water reuse solutions for environmental compliance
  • Combustion solutions to reduce emissions, improve combustion, and support fuel management for all types of fossil-fuel power plants
  • Integrated offerings from GE Energy that can be included with whatever type of service you receive from GE Energy including contractual services agreements, O&M agreements, and maintenance management programs

We are also fully equipped to address your most challenging problems. By using integrated water, combustion, and environmental solutions we can create a package to address any of the following:

  • Fuel cost/flexibility/diversity
  • Environmental compliance
  • O&M cost reduction
  • Thermal performance

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As an industry, you strive to give your customers the most efficient and reliable power; as a partner GE Power and Water Technologies strives to provide you with the solutions to do just that.