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Ransomware: Are you vulnerable to cyber attacks?

The energy sector faces an increasing threat from financially-motivated hackers—but is the industry and critical infrastructure prepared to meet this growing threat?

The recent Colonial Pipeline cyberattack was the largest takedown of a U.S. fuel pipeline to date—it wasn’t, however, the first time that hackers targeted the energy industry in the past few years.

Join this on-demand session with Chris Bullock, Director of Cybersecurity at GE Gas Power, so you can:

  • LEARN about the sophisticated underground ransomware economy, how this new pervasive gang problem is growing, and how it can directly affect you.
  • DISCOVER how this growing cyber crisis is currently being addressed by businesses and law-enforcement, and how it can be improved.
  • EXPLORE potential opportunities and actions people in our industry can take to increase cybersecurity across the board.

Meet the Speaker:

Chris Bullock

Chris Bullock
Senior Director, Cybercrime Investigations
GE Gas Power

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