On demand webinar

Opportunity Fuels: Unlocking Power Generation

Africa represents a substantial untapped market for alternate gaseous fuels, which is creating new opportunities for manufacturers to improve their value chain.

Join our webinar to learn about the potential for burning multiple fuel types using aeroderivative gas technology, and how fuel flexibility can be a competitive advantage for Africa’s energy producers and manufacturers.

  • LEARN about trends in gas turbine fuel flexibility, and the benefits of using industrial process and waste gases as gas turbine fuels.
  • DISCOVER how to support Africa’s economic growth through the strategic use of the region’s abundant—but currently wasted—flare gases.
  • UNCOVER solutions to leverage other opportunity fuels, like steel mill gases and LPG.

About the Speaker:

 Dr. Jeffrey Goldmeer  Dr. Jeffrey Goldmeer

Director of Gas Turbine Combustion & Fuel Solutions, GE Gas Power

Dr. Jeffrey Goldmeer is the Director of Gas Turbine Combustion & Fuel Solutions for GE Gas Power. In this role, he leads the strategic development of fuel and combustion technologies for emerging power generation fuel applications around the globe. Jeffrey is the inventor on multiple combustion technology patents.