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Let’s Talk Outages: Lock Out Tag Out Planning and Execution

You already know—it's one of the first steps where it all begins. If you work at a power plant, the lock out tag out (LOTO) process is critical when it comes to planning, coordination, safety, and outage efficiency.

So, can we help make it better? Join this on-demand session with Jeremiah Smedra, Director at GE's FieldCore, where you can:

  • LEARN about GE's evolving approach to outage LOTO planning and execution.
  • DISCOVER the importance of LOTO phasing for outage success.
  • SHARE feedback and how you feel about the outage LOTO process.

Meet the Speaker:

Jeremiah Smedra

Jeremiah Smedra
Director, FieldCore
A GE Company

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