On-Demand Webinar

Power your plant for the future: How to meet tomorrow’s energy goals with yesterday’s technology

Power plants built 20 years ago weren't optimized to achieve the operational goals of today and physics and financial challenges of the near-future. So, how can we prepare?

You're invited to join this on-demand session with industry expert Jeff Chann to learn about today's evolving energy landscape, the impact the market can have on your plant’s profitability potential, and different optimization strategies you can explore.

  • LEARN about the whirlwind of changes happening in the energy landscape and the potential impact it can have on your plant in the future.
  • DISCOVER how your plant's existing capabilities can be significantly improved by implementing new processes—tailored to your plant's profitability and operational goals.
  • UNCOVER how a customized plant optimization strategy can help with faster ramps, more starts, extending plant life, and flattening O&M costs—ultimately reducing your cost of generation.

Meet the Speaker:

 Jeff Chann

Jeff Chann
Power Markets Intelligence Leader
GE Gas Power