On demand webinar

PressureWave+™ Technology

We invite you to join GE’s Shawn Maloney, global segment leader and John Weimar, service manager – Americas, for a webinar on PressureWave+ Technology. Join this session to:

  • DISCOVER why having a clean heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) is integral for your plant’s reliability and efficiency.
  • LEARN how PressureWave+ technology can more effectively achieve a better cleaning compared to alternative cleaning methods.
  • EXPLORE—through a recent case study—how effective PressureWave+ technology was in reducing backpressure, by removing debris previously left behind by another cleaning method, resulting in fuel savings and additional power generation.

Meet the Speakers:

 Shawn Maloney

Shawn Maloney
Global Segment Leader – PressureWave+ & Surface Coating Technologies, GE Gas Power

 John Weimer

John Weimar
Service Manager, Americas’ Region – PressureWave+ & Surface Coating Technologies, GE Gas Power