On-Demand Webinar

Having Issues with your Chinese OEM Steam Turbine & Generator?

There are known issues with Chinese OEM steam turbines and generators. Want to find out what they are, and how to avoid an unplanned outage?

Join this on-demand session to learn about GE Steam Power’s services for your equipment, and how we have been able to address steam turbine and generator issues for our customers, resulting in added value and revenue for their fleets.

Join this session to:

  • LEARN about the most common issues with Chinese OEM generators and steam turbines.
  • GET an inside look at how we have helped correct issues and get our customers back up and running.
  • DISCOVER how GE can provide expert services to help you improve the power output of your equipment, reduce outage times and extend outage intervals.

Meet the Speakers:

Paul Mahfouz

Paul Mahfouz
Services - MENAT
Sales and Commercial Operations Leader
GE Steam Power

Puneet Kalhan

Puneet Kalhan
Services - India
Operations Leader
GE Steam Power