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Connect, Assess, Detect, Manage: Secure your OT

As technology becomes more capable and complex, the profile of targets of cybercrime reveals intense focus on essential industries and services. Energy generation is a desirable target sector, and often operational technology (OT) is a vulnerability. The losses businesses and vital industries suffer from these attacks continues to grow each year.

So how can energy operators protect their plants? And why is it so important to start TODAY? Watch our on-demand webinar to find out. We discuss with cybersecurity experts from GE Gas Power and Nozomi Networks how you can become better able to help anticipate, diagnose, and respond to threats to the energy grid.

  • LEARN how real-time security solutions, based on industry-leading standards, can help your operation benefit from more efficient use of staff time and more productive lifecycles, while reducing risk, disruption of service and downtime.
  • DISCOVER how an integrated approach to solution architecture protects IT, OT, and other essential system to keep operational processes going. Assessing threats at every level reduces risk and enhances focus on top priority areas.
  • EXPLORE how our scalable cybersecurity architecture keeps you alert to every level of your operation, ensuring visibility 24/7. Experience a demo of how truly resilient your organization can be in the face of an attack.

Meet the Speakers:

David Cackowski

David Cackowski
Partner and Alliance Product Marketing,
Nozomi Networks Inc

Barry Littlefield

Barry Littlefield
Principal Engineer – Controls Engineering,
GE Gas Power

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