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The London Protocol: Is it the answer to carbon capture?

As we work towards a clean energy transition, global legal frameworks with high environmental protection standards are needed to encourage transnational carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) projects. The environmental stakes are critical in these developments, especially when it comes to protecting sensitive ecosystems such as marine habitats. So, is the London Protocol our answer to this challenge?

The London Protocol is an international treaty that regulates the disposal of products at sea, including CO2 streams. The treaty can allow these streams to be exported for CCS purposes (as stated in its 2009 amendment), but this possibility requires ad hoc acceptance by the treaty’s signatory countries—2/3 of the 53 of them must agree to make it happen.

We’re pleased to co-host a compelling presentation and discussion about the London Protocol and what it means for the future of CCS with the Global CCS Institute (GCCSI), and we’ll also be joined by industry experts from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Equinor. Join us to:

  • EXPLORE the legal framework of transboundary export of CO2 streams for CCS purposes, and how the treaty’s rules govern these export/storage possibilities.
  • DISCOVER how this treaty enables countries to 1) be pioneers of maritime protection in CCS activities 2) apply a global control for marine environmental protection 3) be legally protected in CCS developments and 4) access a network of experts on CCS activities.
  • LEARN about the main obstacles delaying the treaty’s progress, and realistic steps that can be taken to continue moving this trailblazing legislation forward.

Meet the Speakers:

Cecilia Teruggi

Cecilia Teruggi
Director for Decarbonisation Policies in Europe
GE Gas Power

Lamberto Eldering

Lamberto Eldering
Business Developer for Low Carbon Solutions

Ian Havercroft

Ian Havercroft
Principal Consultant Policy, Legal and Regulatory
Global CCS Institute

Frederik Haag

Fredrik Haag
Head of Office for London Convention/Protocol
International Maritime Organization

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