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Can you achieve cleaner, more flexible megawatts for your 7E?

The energy environment is constantly changing, now more than ever. As a plant manager, you're having to adapt your mindset and equipment capabilities to continue to reduce emissions and maintain profitability and reliability. So, when it comes to meeting these goals, are you getting the most out of your 7E?

Join this on-demand webinar with Jay Bryant, GE’s 7E Product Line Leader, where you can:

  • LEARN about our flexible gas turbine fuel nozzle solution, and how the use of 3D printing enables us to be fast, flexible, and achieve more effective and complex configurations.
  • DISCOVER our customers' experiences with the reconfigured turbine fuel nozzle, which lowers NOx, allowing increased emissions-compliant megawatts by increasing the unit firing temperature, with no hardware tuning and widens the ambient temperature range over which emissions compliant operations can occur.
  • EXPLORE the simplicity of our solution, and how you can expect rapid returns from this quick installation—in as little as 48 hours—with no extended outage needed.

Meet the Speaker:

Jay Bryant

Jay Bryant
7E Product Line Leader
GE Gas Power

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