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emPowering a Decarbonized Energy Future: The Role of Flexible Generation and Grid Advancements

As the energy landscape continues to rapidly transform, how can we continue to deliver power that is reliable, affordable, and more sustainable?

The answer lies in how policy and energy technologies can work together to support a decarbonized future. Join our experts across the GE energy businesses as we dive into the current and future challenges of our energy infrastructure, the implications of renewable penetration and the latest energy supply and delivery technologies.

  • LEARN: The technology challenges stemming from increased renewable penetration, and how different power generation and transmission technologies can contribute towards decarbonization progress.
  • DISCOVER: Strategies that can help maintain a reliable and competitive electricity/price infrastructure, as we work towards the clean energy transition with new and existing technologies.
  • EXPLORE: The role of thermal plants, renewable resources, and grid innovation in ensuring energy security today—and in the future.

Meet the Speakers:

Robert Bellis

Robert Bellis
Principal Engineer, Controls Solution Architect
GE Gas Power

Sheila Manz

Sheila Manz
Technical Director, Decarbonization Planning
GE Energy Consulting

John McDonald

John McDonald
Smart Grid Business Development Leader
GE Grid Solutions

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