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Plant flexibility: Adapting to stay relevant

Operators and plant managers are experiencing rapid change as the evolving energy landscape impacts their power plants' operating profiles. The ability to adapt and be flexible is key to remaining relevant.

Flexibility means versatility: Your power plant needs to turn on and off quickly, have an expanded dispatchable load range, and accommodate fuel variations—including hydrogen. We have solutions to help maintain your plant's performance during frequent cycling.

Join this on-demand session with Bob Bellis, our Controls Solution Architect, where you can:

  • LEARN: How the power industry landscape is changing, and what that means for operational flexibility today.
  • DISCOVER: Solutions derived from our experience that can help power plant operators adjust and adapt to this evolving industry.
  • EXPLORE: Successful projects for customers with a variety of operating profiles—and the custom solutions GE provided.

Meet the Speaker:

Bob Bellis

Bob Bellis
Principal Engineer
Controls Solution Architect
GE Gas Power

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