On-Demand Webinar

Technology Transformations: Improving your experience with Live Outage

We are constantly working on improving our performance, and with our new Live Outage tool, we’ve developed a system that modernizes, accelerates, and provides meaningful value for your outage experience.

Join this on-demand session with Jeremiah Smedra, Director at FieldCore, to watch the tool in action, hear how we designed Live Outage to meet our customers’ needs and see the benefits it can bring to your team:

  • LEARN how Live Outage can easily track your site team’s work progress and data collection.
  • DISCOVER the tool’s ability to bring greater standardization and accountability to your outage.
  • WATCH a live demo of the tool and discover its potential to improve your outage experience.

Meet the Speaker:

Jeremiah Smedra

Jeremiah Smedra
Value Stream Projects
Executive Director
Fieldcore, a GE company

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