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Cybersecurity Webinar Series: Top CIS Controls

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) vulnerabilities have increased by 41% in six months amidst high profile attacks on critical infrastructures. But, with the implementation of critical security (CIS) controls as a standard, your company can help drive greater security and more reliable future operations.

Join Rich Bryan, Principal Cybersecurity Researcher at GE Gas Power, in this special 15 minute hybrid podcast/webinar, as he discusses data protection, vulnerability management, and ultimately building a control system security to meet business goals. Here’s a preview of what you’ll hear more about during the session:

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  • UNDERSTAND the differences between IT and ICS environments, and how their maintainers treat them.
  • LEARN about security and special considerations for control systems, and how we can protect power control systems without breaking them.
  • EXPLORE finding ways of implementing security to prevent trouble and loss in a way that helps your company achieve their profitability goal.

Meet the Speaker:

Rich Bryan

Rich Bryan
Principal Cybersecurity Researcher
GE Gas Power

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