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Fast, flexible, more sustainable power:
Aeroderivative gas turbines for Munis & Co-ops

Today’s energy transition is creating challenges for all power producers, from local municipalities and Co-ops to utilities of all sizes. With more intermittent renewables coming online every day, operators need to plan carefully to ensure grid reliability and faster, cheaper, cleaner power for their end users.

But how?

GE’s aeroderivative gas turbine portfolio can fill energy gaps big and small while providing fast, flexible and sustainable power to help you reach your decarbonization goals.

Join our webinar to:

  • LEARN how GE’s aeroderivative gas turbines can give you the flexibility you need to plan for—and navigate—the various energy sources that make up our current energy landscape.
  • EXPLORE ways you can reduce emissions from your operations (methane slip and hydrogen, for example) with the help of gas-powered turbines.
  • DISCOVER how incorporating aeroderivative gas turbines like the LM2500XPRESS into your plant can help lower your maintenance costs to improve your bottom line and stay competitive for the future.

Meet the Speakers:

Monamee Adhikari

Monamee Adhikari
Director, Marketing
Aeroderivative Gas Turbines
GE Gas Power

Olamide Ogunduyile

Olamide Ogunduyile
Executive, Aero Sales Specialist
GE Gas Power

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