Webinar and Q&A

Streamlining your power system analysis with PSLF

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The role of power systems analysis in overall grid operation is a crucial one. Equally important is the software your team has in their toolbox. With a global increase in demand and shifting policies, landing on the desired output often involves a multistep process that delays results.

To tackle the challenges of a changing energy landscape, Consulting Services has streamlined its PSLF suite to handle power flow and dynamic system analyses faster and more efficiently.

Join this on-demand webinar to:

  • LEARN how your team can conduct large scale simulations in fewer steps, so that more time can be spent on data interpretation and analyses.

  • EXPLORE a unique suite of updated product offerings that allows for an easy transition between data visualization, system simulation, and results analysis.

  • HEAR how to get in touch directly with product developers for all troubleshooting and support questions.

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Gene Hinkle

Gene Hinkle

Managing Director, GE Vernova | Consulting Services


James Cronen

James Cronen

Director, Software, GE Vernova | Consulting Services
Randal Voges

Randal Voges

Principal Engineer, GE Vernova | Consulting Services