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LIVE OUTAGE: Bringing digital enhancements to your outage

GE understands the importance of a safe, quick and successful outage to your business. That’s why we have developed Live Outage, a new digitized platform that improves the field execution experience for our customers and enables real-time feedback and improvement with progress tracking.

Whether you have already seen Live Outage in action at one of your recent outages, or you will experience it during an upcoming one, don’t miss the opportunity to learn how Live Outage has helped improve the outage experience, hear what improvements we’ve made, and watch a demo.

Join our webinar to:

  • WATCH: A first-ever demo showing a customer’s view of the Live Outage platform, which enables real-time status checks, work scope scheduling and immediate feedback to improve processes.
  • LEARN: Outcomes from our 80+ outages executed with Live Outage to date, what we have learned and how we are implementing new technologies and scaling the offering to even more outages in the future.
  • DISCOVER: The ways that Live Outage is helping improve outage safety, quality and cycle time for our customers.

Meet the Speakers:

 Jeremiah Smedra

Jeremiah Smedra
Value Stream Programs, Executive Director
FieldCore (part of GE Vernova)

Ben Stevie

Benjamin Stevie
General Manager FBE Class Leader
FieldCore (part of GE Vernova)

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